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Here you will find all decorations that you love!

From colourful Rice dinnerware to Mr. Wonderful's beautiful candles: We Crafters chose the most beautiful decorations that will make your flat look even more charming! We chose inexpensive objects. This allows you to revamp your flat for little money. You will find all sorts of designs: Scandinavian designs, exotic patterns, urban and fashionable designs, graphic patterns and vintage designs.

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    Bring out the cook in you!

    Make delicous desserts in beautiful cupcake cases in different designs. You can cut out biscuits with our biscuit cutters and stamp your biscuits. Set your table with cutlery, tableware and cups, each fancier than the other to create a nice dinner atmosphere. Place your cake on a beautiful cake stand to set up a sweet table.
    Show your love for mugs and cups that are printed with messages or carry your lunch in one of our lunchboxes.
    You will raise the bar right before your family's and friends' eyes when it comes to creative e cooking and baking.

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